Aussie Cyclocross Season begins on a high note

The 2014 Australian Cyclocross (CX) season started in fine style in Newcastle at the weekend, with large fields and enthusiastic spectators making it a day of not just radical and exciting racing but also a day of entertainment for everyone.

Race director Shannon Lister along with the Hunter Districts Cycle Club has in just three short years taken the sport to a new level in NSW, with first class racing and an atmosphere that rivals any CX event in Melbourne and Adelaide.

Using the grounds of the Velodrome Trust, Lister along with his passionate helpers designed a challenging course for Sunday’s race that really tested the competitors for round one.

Cyclocross is a cycling discipline with a 70-year history at the UCI level and it is attracting many new riders to the sport in Australia who have previously just competed in mountain biking, road cycling, track racing and even BMX.

Events are easy to organize and the spectators can get extremely close to all the action and encourage everyone competing.

All racing on the day was held to the accompanying beats of local club rider/ DJ Billy Bailey.  Tunes pumped out as the riders passed Bailey’s mixing desk and the huge Champion Systems blow up advertisement at the challenging 'Canteen corner’ each lap.

Commentary was supplied by CNSW selector Craig Chapman with family members also participating and officiating.

A total of 65 competitors took part on the day with a massive 35 starters in the open division alone. This division enables competitors with any bike with two working brakes to compete. Division 1 (CX bikes only) saw a healthy 25 starters battle it out for Cyclocross glory.

Chris Aitken put on an impressive display of power and skill to dominate Division one. The 20 year old set a scorching pace early to build an unassailable lead and finished solo inside the velodrome with both hands in the air.

Aitken sacrificed his chance at the $100 ‘hole shot’ at the start of the race. The ‘hole shot’ is a sprint prime only 400 meters into the nearly hour long race, ensuring the race gets off to a cracking pace.

“I just got through the first lap at the front, nice and easy,” he said. That decision allowed young Sydney Focus rider Michael Potter to take the prize.

“I then put the hammer down for two laps, managed to get a gap, and from there I just rode a time-trial, making sure I didn’t make too many mistakes.”

Aitken’s win wasn’t all smooth sailing, however. With over half the race to go, he had to pull into the pits to straighten his handlebars after a brush with a wooden sleeper.

Back a little further, an exciting battle for the minor steps of the podium ensued between Potter and Nick Smith (Ritchey -Southern Highlands CC), eventually Potter pulled away from Smith to secure second,  with Smith rounding out a podium with an average age of under 20 years.

Juniors were treated to a modified course using the infield spiral and wooden sleeper obstacle.

The Open race proved the closest and exciting with Hunter Mountain Bike Club mates Bryan Dunkin and Blake Polverino locking handlebars 20 metres from the finish line high on the velodrome banks with Dunkin just taking the win.

The day was deemed a huge success for cycling in the Hunter and local media NBN and the Newcastle Herald were on hand to record the action. One competitor even flew in from Melbourne proving how popular the racing is in the Hunter region.

Round two is slotted in for June 8 and it’s hoped many more Sydney riders will attend to give Cyclocross a go and see what the fuss is about.


Main Event: Chris Aitkin (KO) 1, M Potter (WSMTB) 2, N Smith (SHCC) 3.

Open Race: Bryan Dunkin (HMBC) 1, Blake Polverino (HMBC) 2, Ty Cerlenizza (ADF) 3.

Juniors: B Hayes (HD) 1, A Hernan 2, Z Mason 3

Image courtesy of Cycling NSW

Mud Therapy: Why You Should Discover Cyclo-cross this Winter

You can smell it, can’t you?

There is change in the air. It isn’t so stinking, awful hot any more. You start looking for longer legged or sleeved clothing at the back of the drawer. Then it hits you: winter is on its way.

But take heart, fellow fan of cycling: winter doesn’t have to mean indoor trainer sessions or hours climbing hills in the cold and wet. There is another, much much funner option: Cyclo-cross.

What is Cyclo-cross? In our Beginner’s Guide to Racing, it is described as thus:

‘Cyclo-cross, sometimes also referred to as CX, is a race held over a variety of terrain. The course is usually a short loop that features some paved sections, some grass sections, some dirt sections, and usually some very popular mud sections.

Riders are also forced to dismount and remount their bikes at times, through use of barriers, steps or ‘run-ups’ (sections that are impossible to ride). Basically, it’s an obstacle course that you ride around. Races are generally held in the winter, as the emphasis is on racing in less than perfect conditions. It’s all about the mud, and you can’t have mud without a bit of rain!’

Saturday, April 5th marks the first of the 2014 women’s specific Cyclo-cross skills clinic (see events below for details). A now annual ritual marking the start of ‘winter cycling season’, these skills clinics have become extremely popular. The WWW chatted to members of the Dirty Deeds crew, including key committee member Blakey, about the clinic and how just awesome it can be when mud and wheels combine...

2013 Cyclo-cross skills clinic for women, hosted by Dirty Deeds stalwart, Kate Lansell. Image CV.

WWW: Blakey, 'CX' is still relatively new to Australia, but it has been growing great guns here in Victoria. Can you tell us about the style of cycling and why it is so appealing?

The "barriers" to entry are low (40cm even!)

Our races are close to town, so they're easy to get to, which apart from meaning a short ride/train/drive to get there (and less hours out of your day compared to say a northern combine race) means more spectators cheering you on the sidelines.

You don't need a specialised bike, just *a* bike, (*no recumbents though!)

By pushing kids and women's participation it's more of a family 'day at the races' than a buncha dudes with a few women feeling out of place

It's only 30-45min long, so even if you're in the hurtbox from the gun, it's not that long until you see the bell and know you're minutes away from a bex and a lie down.

The laps are short at 1-3km, so even if you're pedalling squares and doing half the speed of the leader (see above), you're not by yourself off the back hating life, as you'll keep seeing spectators every few seconds, and due to the varying speeds of racers, you pass/will be passed by others frequently and can offer encouragement / heckle them.

‘Handups’ are not a crime (well, maybe at a national level event...), so we don't mind if you grab a ginger beer from someone on the sideline, but please, no glass.

Dirty Deeds CX have been leaders in developing a greater female presence in Australian CX events, right from the very start. In fact, you guys were the first to offer equal prize money, well before it became mandated by Cycling Victoria at State level in 2013. Why are you so passionate about the women's side?

Being started by a bunch of bike punks, our mindset doesn't hold with traditional cycling (sporting) norms; we value openness and equality, and prize money is just one facet of this. We're yet to hear a valid argument for the men taking home more money (email us with one and we'll tell you why you're wrong!). We didn't want to create yet another sausagefest cycling event, so we have worked hard to promote and develop the kids' and women's participation to dilute the testosterone and improve the overall quality and atmosphere of a DDCX race

Sidenote: Port Adelaide Cycling Club (PACC) have also been equal pay from the start, but I think we started our first season a year before they did. I can't recall what Manly-Warringah / Brisbane pay, but I'm pretty sure they pay equal too. We'd never let them hear the end of it if they didn't.

I know many women get into cycling through the summer months, but often when the weather gets a bit cold, and the event distances become longer (and hillier), participation drops off. Is CX one way to get people motivated over winter?

I think knowing that there's an event on that your friends and frenemies will be racing is motivation to get out on your bike and not hibernate watching the protour on SBS, only to emerge in spring as the crits are calling. CX training rides can be as simple as hitting the Yarra trails with a bunch of mates for an hour or three, as working on skills will often gain you more field position than outright power and aerobic capacity. Lisa Jacobs is a good example of this, working full time in a 'real' job, she can't devote the hours required to be competitive in the NRS, but she was able to train effectively enough to win the national CX title. For the rest of us who don't expect to be at the pointy end of a grade, a trail ride and some road riding each week will work wonders!

It's certainly more palatable than a 5 hour road race in freezing rain!

What happens at a CX clinic? Will I get laughed at if I can't do a running dismount?

After a warmup and some intros, the group will be broken up into beginners / advanced, maybe even a middle group if the numbers warrant it.

The newbies will be taught basic CX skills bit by bit, breaking down say, a barrier jump into:


bike carrying


Before stringing it all together into one action.

The more advanced will work on finessing their techniques to become faster/smoother and more gazelle like.

There will also be some cornering drills, race starts, lectures on the appropriate way to apply embrocation to achieve proper euro-sheen, tubulars over tubeless, cantis over discs and other strong opinions that can be safely ignored...

Oh, and coffee.

Can I use any of the following bikes at your CX women's skills clinic:  Road bike, MTB bike, CX bike, Commuter bike, Hybrid bike, Single speed, Track bike, Balance bike or Trike?

If it has two wheels (recumbents excluded) and brakes you can ride it at the session. The lighter the better, but a roadie on 23s is likely to suffer, especially if it's wet.

You always seem to make CX events so warm and inviting, despite them being held in the middle of winter. Why are you so friendly?!

Such a Dorothy Dixer! We like bikes and helping people get rad, so if you do too we'll welcome you to our party.

If I have never raced before, is this something I should think about starting with, and how do I go about it?

This is the perfect intro to racing bicycles. You don't need specialised equipment, you can buy a season licence and race entry for much less than a full licence by itself, with money left over for some embro and cowbells.

Step one: watch some videos of DDCX on youtube and get stoked.

or the CV women's cx video;


Step two: Come to the skills session and see if this CX thing seems like it might be fun

Step three: Buy a DDCX Season pass (so you're licenced and insured) and your Season race entry, so you're committed now.

Step 3.5 (optional): do some training in the park

Step four: Race the prologue on Good Friday, have a ball no matter where you place, tell your friends what they missed out on and drag them to the next round.

For more information about Dirty Deeds, check their blog:

Follow them on twitter:

Image courtesy of Cycling Victoria

Aussie Team for 2014 Cyclo-cross World Championships

Cycling Australia, in conjunction with Mountain Bike Australia, is pleased to announce a seven-member Australian Team for the 2014 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships to be held in Hoogerheide, Netherlands from February 1-2.

This marks the first time an official Australian national team has been selected to contest a UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships, although Australians have contested previous Championships.

It comes following the rapid rise in participation numbers and popularity of Cyclo-cross in Australia over the past few seasons, including the introduction of a National Series in 2012, and the inaugural National Championships in 2013.

About Cyclo-cross

Cyclo-cross originated in Europe in the early 1900's and is a unique blend of road racing and mountain biking, with riders tackling various terrains including pavement, grass, mud and sand while negotiating obstacles such as rocks, steps and logs.

The UCI World Championships were first held in 1950, with the women's category added in 2000.  The first Championships held outside of Europe came in 2013 when it was hosted by the USA.

The reigning world champions in the elite cateogries are: Men - Sven Nys (BEL) and Women - Marianne Vos (NED).

2014 Australian National Team

Elite Men

Nick Both (29/1/1982) Chatswood, NSW
Bronze - 2013 National Championships

Elite Women

Lisa Jacobs (17/9/1981) Kew, VIC
2013 National Champion, 2012 National Series champion

Melissa Anset (16/4/1975) Hurstbridge, VIC
Bronze - 2013 National Championships, Third 2013 National Series, Runner up 2012 National Series

U23 Men

Alexander Meyland (26/3/1993) Wangaratta, VIC
Silver - 2013 Under 23 National Championships; contested 2011 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships

Cameron Ivory (26/4/1992) Rankin Park, NSW
2013 Under 23 National Champion, Runner up 2013 Elite National Series

Tom Chapman (2/7/1995) Happy Valley, SA
Bronze - 2013 Under 19 National Championships

U18 Men

Nicholas Smith (1/8/1997) Bundanoon, NSW
Fourth - 2013 Under 19 National Championships; Fourth (Open Male) 2013 National Series Round 6

Team Manager - Greg Meyland

The has team departed Australia and is scheduled to contest lead up events in Europe prior to the Championships.

Keep up to date

CA / MTBA Website /


Twitter  @CyclingAusMTB

Instagram  CyclingAusMTB

Official World Championships Website

Kiwi cyclocrosser takes national jersey and moustache back to Europe

New Zealand cyclocross national champion, Alexander Revell, famous in Belgium and around the world for his large moustache in the otherwise hairless world of professional cycling, has secured sponsorship through Ricoh New Zealand to return to Europe to compete in the winter discipline.

Last winter Revell (28), gained a significant following in the sport, which is very popular in Belgium. “I got the same volume of cheering around the course as the leaders, even though I was at the back of the race!” Revell said of the 30,000-strong crowds that gather to spectate despite rain, mud and sub-zero temperatures.

After completing a season of racing in Europe, Revell returned to New Zealand where he won the 2013 BikeNZ Cyclocross National Championship in Wanaka on August 24.

Ricoh New Zealand Communications Manager Rick Petford said "Skill, commitment and the best technology - that's Alex's world, and Ricoh's too.

We are excited to be supporting Alex as he and his mighty moustache take on the best of Europe!"

Revell heads first to Gosciecin, Poland to race the Brysky Cross on December 1. He then returns to Belgium to compete in the *Kerstperiode* – the peak of the Flemish racing calendar, culminating in eight of the hour-long races scheduled in the fortnight around Christmas, ending on January 1.

“A public holiday in Belgium means one thing – cyclocross racing” explains Revell. “Ricoh’s support will be invaluable not only for helping me progress my own international aspirations, but equally for promoting and continuing the growth of cyclocross here in New Zealand, where its popularity is exploding.”

Alongside Ricoh, Revell is supported by Mavic, Belgium-based bike manufacturer Nichelson, and Belgian clothing brand Bioracer.

You can follow Revell’s cyclocross journey via his personal blog and the Spoke Magazine blog:


– “The Cyclo X Files”

Image courtesy of BikeNZ

Internationalisation of cyclo-cross is well underway

Cyclo-cross continues to push back its boundaries. China and Japan now have their own UCI events, while Australia and New Zealand have just created their national championships.

The 2013-2014 UCI Cyclo-Cross World Cup reflects this openness: seventeen nations are listed in the rankings after two rounds.

The Belgians, who usually dominate the discipline, are being challenged: they only lead the Junior Men table (with Eli Iserbyt), whereas the United States leads the Elite Women table (with Katherine Compton), and the Netherlands leads both the Elite Men (Lars Van Der Haar) and the Under-23 Men tables (Mathieu Van Der Poel).

If the best crossmen and crosswomen of the world are from increasingly diverse ethnic backgrounds, it is because the passion for the discipline is on the increase in many countries.

“Cyclo-cross has so many key elements working in its favour allowing it to capture more market share in the very competitive sports landscape,” analyses Mike Plant, President of the UCI Cyclo-Cross Commission. “Among these key elements are world-class athletes, challenging closed-circuit courses which create great spectator viewing opportunities, and shorter event times which are more conducive to every moment of the event having an impact on the end result. We should also mention the excitement and danger caused by the difficult terrain and elements, and the ability to draw spectators to the edge of the ropes and close to the action.”

First event in China, three in Japan

China responded to this trend by organising the first UCI event of its history on 21st September, in Yanqing, north of Beijing. Even the Great Wall could not stop the wave of cyclo-cross. The athletes of the China International Cyclo-Cross event were even invited, on the eve of the competition, to climb up this monument belonging to the World Heritage of Humanity. The line-up of 86 competitors represented 18 countries and four continents.

Among them were four Chinese – three men and one woman – who could well pass on their enthusiasm and quickly create a pool of national competitors instigated by the national federation, which appears to have appreciated the event. The organisers (Dalian Qiansen Sports Facilities Engineering Co, a firm specialised in the construction of velodromes and mountain bike and BMX tracks), had for their part fallen in love with cyclo-cross on the occasion of an event in Ronse (Belgium) in October 2010.

“Everything had to be impeccably organised,” emphasised Peter Van den Abeele, Manager Off-Road UCI. “The potential of cyclo-cross in this region is enormous when we consider the demographic potential of Beijing, with its 15 million inhabitants. China just needs time to develop and foster this positive evolution.”

Asia has a total of four UCI cyclo-cross competitions in 2013-2014, as Japan has registered two events; one in Nobeyama and one in Yasu City. In 2010, Japan had inaugurated its first event on the international calendar, in the sands of Daiba's Park, in the bay of Tokyo. This race, which is associated with a cycling exhibition, attracted no less than 13,000 spectators last season. The country currently has two of its riders up in the World Cup rankings: Ayako Toyooka in Elite Women and Yu Takenouchi in Elite Men.

Oceania wants to attract fixie enthusiasts to cyclo-cross

Cyclo-cross is growing in popularity in the Pacific region. Evidence of this can be seen in New Zealand and Australia, which created their national championships in this discipline last summer. The first nation offers 44 national events, which take place between June and September and boasts singlespeed star Angus Edmond who is a deserving ambassador riding in the rounds of the current UCI World Cup.

Australia also hopes to convert to cyclo-cross some enthusiasts from the fixie movement that has flourished in urban centres. In parallel it would like to initiate road and mountain-bike athletes into the discipline. In addition to its championship, this year it has also launched the National Cyclo-cross Series, in the form of six rounds that take place in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

With 21 National Federations organising their championships in 2013-2014, and a total of 34 countries that have sent at least one athlete to the UCI World Championships for the past seven years, cyclo-cross is accelerating its internationalisation.

This trend could also affect new countries, such as Argentina, where investors have some projects on the go. This dynamic situation bodes well for the future development of cyclo-cross in South America.

The USA – from the Californian community to the 2013 Worlds

The northern part of the American continent has been won over for several years now. It can even be seen as a progressive model, as Mike Plant confirms: “Louisville, Kentucky was a great example of how the sport has developed outside of Europe. The American cyclo-cross calendar is now full of events throughout the fall and winter seasons.”

In its early phases in the USA, cyclo-cross was associated with peace and love, a philosophy that drives many current pioneers in Oceania. The first official national championships took place in 1963 in Chicago, and there was another event in 1975 in the San Francisco region. During the same period, BMX and mountain bike were represented by a community of enthusiasts in northern California.

Then came the explosion of cyclo-cross in the USA. The CrossVegas, inaugurated in 2007, was the event that set it off, soon attracting dozens of participants and more than 10,000 spectators to the circuit of the Desert Breeze Soccer Complex. Between 2005 and 2013, the number of international events taking place in the USA increased from 28 to 48. On the 2013-2014 calendar, 49 of international events organised for women will take place in the USA.

To encourage this progression, UCI awarded Louisville (Kentucky) the Cyclo-Cross World Championships 2013, the first to be organised outside of Europe. A total of 152 athletes competed to win the rainbow jersey, while the local population, in fancy dress and waving banners, was joyous and relaxed.

The training of athletes and commissaires

“Whether in the USA, in Europe, or in the rest of the world, no-one would have imagined such a boom in cyclo-cross even four years ago,” explains Peter Van den Abeele. “Our goal is that cyclo-cross reach another major milestone four years from now.”

Mike Plant confirms this view: “As the new President of the Cyclo-Cross Commission, I look forward to working with the professional teams and riders to explore those types of platforms and other ways of growing the sport, to the benefit of the key stakeholders. This will lead to enhanced interest from the media, sponsors and fans in current and new markets.”

UCI has chosen to support the progression of cyclo-cross by developing training programmes. On the occasion of the first event organised in China, a UCI international commissaire and a UCI technical delegate held a working session for twelve of the country’s national commissaires and a timekeeper.

This training programme is targeted at young talent from a variety of countries. For two years now, UCI has been offering a cyclo-cross training session to Juniors and Under-23s, in partnership with the World Cycling Centre. The progress achieved by these athletes seems to be bearing fruit: 15 of them are currently ranked in the World Cup, among whom the Czech rider Adam Toupalik, who was third in the Junior Men’s category.

Image courtesy of UCI Information Services

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