Fields and Reade win Supercross Time Trials

For the first time ever the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series visits Latin America.

And after just one day of practice and time trials, Santiago del Estero in Argentina is already the favorite stop on the world tour for most riders. In hot and steamy conditions, witnessed by a sell out enthusiastic crowd, Shanaze Reade (GBR) and Conner Fields (USA) won the Superfinal time trials.

Bleachers jam-packed

Never before has the tour witnessed sell out crowds during Time Trials Qualification. Not only were the bleachers jam-packed but fans were also sitting on the walls around the venue trying to get a glimpse of the action. With 132 elite men and 34 elite women dropping down off the start gate for the Time Trial qualification rounds, the fans were not going to be disappointed. The top 16 women and top 16 men in the Time Trial qualification qualified for the Superfinal.

Shanaze Reade wins with clinical display of power

In the elite women’s practice one of the favorites for the ladies race, Merle van Benthem of the Netherlands, took a fall and ruled herself out of contention with a broken right collarbone. Mariana Pajon (COL), Shanaze Reade (GBR), Eva Ailloud (FRA) and Laura Smulders (NED) all look smooth in practice as did the 2 American's Brook Crain and Arielle Martin.

Shanaze Reade, Eva Ailloud and Olympic Champion, Mariana Pajon qualified as the fasted three for the women’s Superfinal. It was Shanaze Reade that proved the fastest in a clinical display of power and speed as she took the win and her second UCI BMX Supercross Time Trial win of the year to add to her success in Manchester.

Shanaze Reade said just after winning: “The track is awesome and to finish on top makes me really happy. And the fans here are absolutely amazing.”

Conner Fields fast on every track

In the Elite Men's practice the South American countries of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Columbia all looked very impressive competing in front of their home fans. But it was all business as usual from the Netherlands, France, Australia and the USA. Liam Philips (GBR) winner in round one in Manchester, also looked focused and in control and hungry for another win.
Connor Fields (USA), Raymon van der Biezen (NED) and Jared Garcia (USA) took the top three spots qualifying for the Superfinals. Connor Fields once again proved just how fast he is on any track as he bounced out of the gate last as the fastest qualifier and never looked back taking the win in a time of 31.892 seconds ahead of 2nd placed Joris Daudet (FRA) and 3rd placed Sylvian Andre (FRA).

Connor Fields said just after his win: “I am pumped, super excited. This is my second time racing in South America and this is by far my favorite place to race.”

Look forward to finals on 12 May 2.30 pm
GSX Events director Johan Lindstrom added: "Santiago Del Estero and the local organizing committee is doing a great job and its great to see the excitement amongst the fans. We look forward to the finals tomorrow 12 May.”

Watch the Main event live on on Saturday 12 May 2.30 pm local time.

Results men here
Results women here

Image courtesy of USA Cycling

Jones best of the NZers at Oceania BMX

North Canterbury teenager Trent Jones was the best of the New Zealand riders in seventh place at the Oceania BMX Championships in Brisbane last week.

The former Northland rider, fifth in the junior elite final at last year’s world championships, impressed with a strong showing at the Sleeman Sports Complex, with the Oceania title going to 2011 world champion Sam Willoughby (AUS).

The event drew all of Australia’s leading riders as well as some of the BikeNZ High Performance team as a valuable racing opportunity in the lead-up to July’s UCI World Championships in Auckland.

London Olympian Kurt Pickard aggravated a back aliment after a crash in the time trial. He impressed with a win and two second placings in the heats but a lengthy break was less than helpful for his injured back and the Tauranga rider missed the gate to finish eighth in the semifinal.

Waikato-based Cantabrian Daniel Franks did not make the semifinals while Te Awamutu rider Cody Hobbs was fifth in the junior elite final.

“This was a good opportunity for racing experience,” said BikeNZ BMX Coach Ryan Hollows. “The riders are all in a heavy training phase so we were not expecting too much.

“Trent is an outstanding prospect who raced well but was slightly disappointed with seventh in the final although he drew a bad gate.

“Kurt had nursed his back issue throughout but the crash aggravated things and he struggled out of the gate after the break in racing.

“Daniel has been in some heavy work and his result was not unexpected and Cody showed he can foot it with this company and will be a real force at the world championships.”

Jones, 19, from Kaiapoi won his opening heat with a sixth and third placings in the other two races qualifying him for the semifinals where he finished third.

Pickard (Tauranga) grabbed a win and two second placings to top his moto while Franks drew a tough moto and could not progress with two fifths and a sixth placing.

The US-based Willoughby, one of the early favourites for the world championships in Auckland, was in a class of his own. He was fastest in the time trial qualifying, and won all three motos, his semifinal and final to set the benchmark.

Top qualifier at the London Olympics, Caroline Buchanan (AUS) took out the women’s title from former junior world champion Melinda McLeod and fellow Olympian Lauren Reynolds.

The quartet return to New Zealand tomorrow with the full squad, including Olympic silver medallist, to head for training and racing in the USA in two weeks time as they prepare for the world championships, to be held on home turn at Vector Arena on 24-28 July.

Tickets go on sale for the public later this month.

Oceania BMX Championships, elite men final: Sam Willoughby (AUS) 1, Joshua Callan (AUS) 2, Anthony Dean (AUS) 3. Also: Trent Jones (NZL) 7.

Elite women: Caroline Buchanan (AUS) 1, Melinda McLeod (AUS) 2, Lauren Reynolds (AUS) 3.

Junior men: Aaron Nottle (AUS) 1, Kerrod Connors (AUS) 2, Kai Sakakibara (AUS) 3. Also: Cody Hobbs (NZL) 5.

Image of Trent Jones (Kaiapoi) in action. Copyright: Jerry Landrum

A massive week at 2013 Subaru National BMX Championships

The 2013 Subaru BMX National Championships saw more then 1300 gates drop at the Brisbane SX track with epic battles that saw wins, losses, bloodshed and close calls.

Photo: 2013 National BMX champion, Melinda McLeod
Copyright BMX Australia

The week kicked off with a sprocket and mini wheeler demonstration, which saw the future BMX stars on the track with their idols for an opportunity to learn more about the sport and get a feel for the track.

And after the little guys had fun the track the racing got serious, Thursday’s Oceania titles saw BMX legends Sam Willoughby and Caroline Buchanan take the win with their victories celebrated with an explosive fireworks demonstration.

The atmosphere at the Sleeman Sports Complex was outstanding to say the least, and things were just getting started.

Photo: First straight action at Sleemans
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

With Saturday’s National titles up for grabs the crowd was pumped, the sun was shining and the riders were amped to get started.

Corey Frieswyk took the National Championship title for the Elite Mens in a seat gripping battle played out in front of him between Sam Willoughby and Anthony Dean which left an opening for Frieswyk to take the win.

Melinda McLeod dominated in the women’s elite races coming out with a victory in her home state and a comfortable position ahead of next weekend’s World Cup in Argentina.

Photo: Out of Subaru Corner
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

With Lauren Reynolds and Caroline Buchanan crashing in earlier motos, McLeod took the lead over the other competitors placing her 2 points in front of second place winner Kirsten Dellar.

While Sunday brought cooler weather the riders were just as hot, finishing the week off with the National Cruiser Championships certainly left everyone more than satisfied with the quality of racing over the week.

BMX Australia President Mr Barry Knight said this year was a success and that they had achieved their plan to make this week feel like a carnival style event.

Photo: The BMX train
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

“What we’ve tried to create is a carnival atmosphere, with Thursday night fireworks and how everything is set out, families can come and browse the pro shops, have a cup of coffee, it’s a week’s carnival of BMX for families,” Mr Knight said.

Mr Knight also commented on the positive feedback he had received from spectators; he expressed the importance of being out in the crowd to get a response from the spectators and a feel for the event.

“I like to go out and allow people to approach me and tell me what they think about BMX Australia and how the event is going.

“You’ve got to allow that to happen, you know, to let people either vent their anger or pat you on the back and basically as the board, we’ve gone out and looked at the crowd each day and talked to people about their experience,” he said.

Photo: The media was on hand to capture all the action, from all angles!!
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

Looking forward, Mr Knight said he believed BMX is growing fast and will expand greatly in the next few years. With this growth however, Mr Knight stressed the importance of family, community and the grass roots of BMX as a sport.

“BMX, I believe is on the cusp of one of the biggest explosions in sport because of the attraction to this social aspect that comes with it.

“That’s what differentiates BMX as a sport the social side of it, the family involvement, the community feel and the relationships made,” he said.

“I like to look at a balance, so let’s not mess with the grass roots even though we want become a professional organization structure, we still need to be a family orientated structure and service people at that level,” he said.

Next year will see the 2014 National Championships held at the Shepparton BMX club with first class facilities and a track favourite for many riders.


BMX National Titles: To be or not to be!

Spending a day like today at a National BMX Championship, was nothing short of sensational.

Photo: Caroline Buchanan.. Always ready to win a few hearts
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

The big track had everybody fired up, the crowd was huge, and with a program filled with young tear-aways ready to put reputations, lives and limbs on the line, there was a cocktail there for explosive action around every beam.

Warm, balmy weather probably gave the Queenslanders an edge, and at the end of the day, at least two two banana-benders ended up grabbing the top awards- Corey Frieswyk and Melinda McLeod, both from Walkerston, a small town about 14 kilometres south-west of Mackay.

This wasn’t the way things were supposed to be however, as Australia’s two leading BMX Internationals, Sam Willoughby and Caroline Buchanan, all but had their names etched on the 2013 National trophies, before fate played into other hands.

Photo: BMX mascots... friendly chat or pre-punch up??
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

The BMX National Championship for elite women was decided on a points basis after three motos, with no semifinals or final, and when Buchanan and Lauren Reynolds crashed in Moto Two, the likelihood of another national title for Caroline took a nose-dive.

“I did my best all day and won that last one, but it came down to the wire after Lauren Reynolds and I crashed in the second one and both finished on high points. But that’s BMX for you. It’s unpredictable and anything can happen on the day” a cheery Buchanan told CSN after the loss.

Photo:  The crowd was enormous
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

“You know… this is BMX, and it’s not always the fastest person who wins on the day. I would have picked Sam, and I would have picked myself, but there were two other winners out there today.”

Cory Frieswyk certainly wouldn’t have picked himself as a chance in the Elite Men’s Final.

“Wow, Anything can happen in a final and this has proved it.” He told SBS television after the win.

“ I can’t believe it, I’m absolutely stoked.”

Photo:  Medic- "Who is the primeminister?"
Rider- "Bart Simpson"
Medic- "I think we might have a slight case of concussion here, what do you think?
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

“On the final corner when they were bumping each other I thought I’m right here, this is my opportunity, and I took it as fast as I could. I can’t believe I stayed so smooth. It’s insane. This is only the second time I have won a national championship and to be in Elite in my first year and have this happen, it’s the biggest moment of my life.”

“To beat these guys like Sam and Brian is like a dream really. I’ve always been chasing, and now it’s happened. I’m just lost for words.”

Photo: "Oh boy...I've got to get out of here!"
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

Meanwhile, a disappointed Sam Willoughby acknowledged that it was a bad mistake out of the gate that cost him another Australian title.

“It’s not the end of the world. I have another race next weekend. I head back to the United States tomorrow, and I have a race in North Carolina next weekend. I just have to keep winning.”

“As far as re-focussing after today.. I just delete it. It’s no-one’s fault but my own.”

Photo: First straight action
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

Caroline Buchanan also heads back to the United States to tackle their up-coming BMX season, and there’s also a mountain bike World Cup in Scotland on the agenda before she tackles the BMX Worlds in Auckland.

Photo: The view from Subaru Corner
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

Photo: BMX photography can be a lonely life
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

Photo: Medics spring into action
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

Photo: The racing had everyone on their toes (and pedals)
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

Photo: Curiosity.....?
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

Photo: Riders get cleaned up!
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

Photo: The result no-one expected
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

Photo: Post-race conference
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)


Frieswyk spoils Willoughby’s party in Brisbane

Corey Frieswyk from Walkerston (QLD) has scored an amazing win over favourites Sam Willoughby and Anthony Dean in the Elite Men’s Final at the 2013 Subaru BMX National Championships.

Photo: Not the best way to accrue points
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

Melinda McLeod also of Walkerston made it back-to-back Elite Women’s National Championships as she out rode Olympic finalist Caroline Buchanan.


For Frieswyk riding in his first Men’s Elite National Championship Final, the race opened up in front of him in turn 3 as Willoughby and Dean bumped bars. Dean took the lead down the first and second straights as the BMX World Champion, Sam Willoughby moved up on him in the third. Entering the final corner Dean and Willoughby were locked in their own battle leaving Friewsyk to pounce.


Photo: The National Anthem got things going, including the photographer
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)


“I thought when they bumped bars in the last straight this is it, I just went under and tried to stay as smooth as possible,” Frieswyk said.

“I kind of missed the start which is hard to do with the guys around you, but down the first straight I just went for the inside and that put me in a good position in third place.

Photo: "OK, now you see it...I'm all Croc!!"
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

“I just stayed smooth around the track behind Dean and Willoughby which is unbelievable in itself, I was so stoked.

“I saw the opportunity and took it as fast as I could. It was an unbelievable feeling down the last straight being in first place.”


Photo: Action at the end of the first straight
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)


Willoughby secured 2nd place managing to keep out Anthony Dean in third despite Dean leading for all but the final corner and straight.

“I’m really happy for Corey,” Willoughby said. “He’s a good kid and that’s a great win for his first time in elites.”

“He did exactly what you need to do out there to win; he rode well.”

Photo: A big crowd was on hand to cheer on the riders
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

The win for Melinda McLeod wasn’t nearly as clear cut. The elite women rode 3 motos only with their accumulated points determining the overall winner. That meant it was an anxious wait after the finish line where she crossed in fourth place to see if her previous races were enough to secure the win.

Earlier in the motos, Caroline Buchanan and last years 2nd place Lauren Reynolds crashed, giving McLeod a small gap over the field. Entering the final 2 points clear of second place Kirsten Dellar and 4 points clear of Buchanan and Reynolds, the numbers needed to be crunched before a winner could be determined.

Photo: One way to get yourself on Cycle Sport News
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

“I missed the start in that last race, it was a terrible way to finish the day,” McLeod said. “Bitter sweet I guess”.

“I’m stoked, national champ last year and to get it again this year is so awesome.”

Rachel Jones (NSW) and Aaron Nottle (WA) were awarded Junior Elite National Champions with convincing wins in the lead up to the Elite’s.

Photo: Perfect surroundings at Brisbane Supercross
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

The 2013 Subaru BMX National Championships has awarded 21 National Champions across 2 days of racing with more to be awarded tomorrow when the cruiser class hits the track.

Photo: The older brigade show how its done
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

Photo: Off the race and down the first straight
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

Photo: The consummate pro!!
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

Photo: Master style
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

Photo: Not today Sam...
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)

Photo: New Australian champion,Corey Frieswyk, receives a bit of man love
Copyright Peter Ford (CSN)


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